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    From Desire to Decision

I am Lazarus.

You are Lazarus, too. Let's tell your story together.

About Lazarus


Begin your journey at your own pace. Discover your Creator-given creative nature and reveal your confidence within through engaging online learning opportunities.

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Our Premier Creative Relationship.

With 3-month and 12-month programs, StoryFriend(TM) is comprised of one-on-one creative coaching, online learning, and custom publishing.

The waiting list for StoryFriend will reopen soon!

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Have a book, book or other creative project idea, or been told you should write a book? LTM serves authors at all stages of the publishing process. 

Whether you want some guidance self-publishing, or want to be considered for selection as an LTM project, we can help.

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Coming Soon: Christmas Movies Extravaganza!

Coming Soon: Christmas Movies Extravaganza!

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet?

Yes, I'm one of those people. And yes, even before Thanksgiving! I love all the bright and shiny, colorful things that show up around Christmastime.

I don't care that there weren't sloths in elf hats at the birth of the Christ-child... I have one on my mantle anyway, and his name is Steve.

But make no mistake...

Nothing creatively colorful at Christmas would exist without Jesus.

He is the Creator, and the very Reason any of us can enjoy the imagination inside ourselves and others.

3 Creative Mindset Changes You Need Right Now

I LOVE Creative Exercises!

They really are the best way to drown out so many fears and lies about being a creator and telling your story.

Recently in The King's Company, an online ministry school founded by my friend Tyler Frick, I premiered The Body's Language(TM), a group creative exercise. We had such an exciting time going through the warm-up exercises and then diving in to the main event!

Afterward everyone shared how they were stretched creatively and had fun at the same time. 

3 Creative Mindset Changes You Need Right Now