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Have You Given Up on Your Story?

When your first book idea came to you, the excitement set you on fire. The passion that fueled your drive to share your life-changing testimony felt unquenchable.


You struggled writing.

You felt inadequate.

You decided your words just couldn't do justice to your own back-to-life transformation.


You hit the pause button on your creative passion.

Maybe even trashed the whole thing.

Until Now.

No more feeling alone, wondering if you will ever make an impact with your message.

Welcome to Lazarus Tribe.


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Lessons on Matrimony from the Messiah's Parents

This is the Messiah's parents like you've never known them before.

They must have been doing something right as a married duo to be entrusted to raise the Son of God!

This book uncommonly shines a light on the marriage of the... Read More