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From Desire to Decision: Overcoming the Fears of Beginning Your Homeschool Journey by Nichole Sherick


Not sure if you're ready to begin your homeschool journey?

Now you can fearlessly move from only having a DESIRE to explore homeschooling, to making a confident DECISION to pursue educating your children at home!

Inside you will find:

  • guidance for working through common concerns about homeschooling, such as parent ability, child socialization, and more.

  • tips for discussing your homeschooling desire with your spouse

  • how to avoid curriculum overwhelm and choose based on your family's needs

  • troubleshooting strategies when things don't turn out as planned

  • guided prayer and journaling exercises

All from an experienced, caring, and Biblical perspective!


Nichole Sherick enjoys being a wife, and a mom to four great kiddos! She is passionate about seeing moms that desire to homeschool break free from fear, self-doubt, and comparison and begin their own journey in
Nichole is the founder of Fearless Homeschool Moms where she enjoys sharing encouragement and help for those moms who are both new and/or transitioning into homeschooling. You can follow her or find out more info on Facebook at Fearless Homeschool Moms.