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Love Is Risk (Live)

This is a first for me. My Father said, "Release the sound and the words for Valentine's Day 2019." So that's what I'm doing. I recorded Love is Risk on my phone while I lost myself playing the piano in living room of my friend and spiritual father. I knew there were angels around me, but I had no idea what Holy Spirit was about to heal in my heart as I played. I wept. I sniffled. I paused. I stretched my back. But I couldn't stop playing. He poured Himself over me and I soaked in Him. It was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. Even now when I listen to the recording, I am taken to another place. A place that's safe and warm and inviting. He invites us to know the worthy risk of Love that transforms hearts from temporary to eternal, from broken to whole. ------- Love is Risk is released in February 2019 with "Psalms of Solomon: Poetic Meditations for Worship, Volume I" by Rachel Newman. Available through Lazarus Tribe Media.