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Tell it with Lazarus Tribe.


Hi! I'm Rachel Pennacchio, the Founder and Creative Director of Lazarus Tribe Media.

I consider myself an artist who designs tools to help people be creative and tell their stories.  

My vision for Lazarus Tribe Media is to enable others to harness their God-given imaginations and creativity to tell their stories effectively through art, writing, speaking, and any other passionate expression of the heart.

God gave me the vision for Lazarus Tribe in 2017 when I was pregnant with my son, Asher. One year later I publicly launched the company during a small gathering with a few close friends. Many miracles and blessings have happened in the last few years, that's for sure!  (Check out the video below I put together all by myself in an effort to capture the incredible, passionate treasure placed in my heart when I received the vision for LTM.)

I look back amazed at where I started.  The courage to leave my "real job," the waiting, the learning, the growing... The creators of Lazarus Tribe have taught me so much about the promises of God.