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Mary & Joseph's Guide to Modern Marriage by C.J. Millican


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Lessons on Matrimony from the Messiah's Parents

This is the Messiah's parents like you've never known them before.

They must have been doing something right as a married duo to be entrusted to raise the Son of God!

This book uncommonly shines a light on the marriage of the most famous couple in history to discover what modern marriages might be missing. A must-read for any couple, especially those who find themselves in difficult, unexpected, or down-right strange circumstances.


Ken and CJ Millican are Pastors specializing in Pre-Marriage, Re-Marriage, and ReVive Your Marriage Coaching, as well as Spiritual Life Coaching. Available for special engagements, retreats, one on one coaching, in-person and virtually. They also sponsor Living Stones Mission in Kampala, Uganda providing medical, emotional, spiritual care, education, and life skills to women and children rescued from sexual slavery and human trafficking.