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Mind Traffic by Tyler Frick



Tyler Frick, former drug addict and author of Prevailing Soul and Heart of Conviction, penned a book EVERY believer needs to read. Freedom in our minds is truly possible, but how?

Tyler says,

"I only know of one thing that has worked for me. I’ve tried various approaches to freedom, but only one worked. I believe true freedom only comes when a person stops chasing freedom, and starts chasing Jesus. It’s in the chasing and the seeking of the person, instead of the freedom, that results in deliverance. Far too many people have their sights set on freedom instead of on their God, which, in turn, makes freedom from their affliction their God, instead of letting God be God.

We may not be able to see what all of our root issues are, but God can! He knows exactly what each of us needs, and regardless of how deep we’ve fallen, he is able to pick us up out of the darkness and set us on solid ground. What I needed in my time of distress, what we all need even now, is to know how to seek Jesus for freedom. We need to learn how to let God be God in our lives. By receiving the gift of a sound mind by grace and through faith, we can begin to understand how accommodating God is to those who seek him."

Tyler has been training believers on leadership & ministry, spiritual warfare, spiritual gifts, and worship for the last 5 years across the U.S.

Alongside online training, he has taught in various churches and conference events, including spiritual training on campus at Princeton University. He and his wife (Bry), along with their three boys, travel the U.S. in their Motor Coach RV while ministering in local churches, conferences, and more in a pursuit of teaching believers powerful principles of the Kingdom, and seeing many awakened to their proper identities & mandates.

Tyler is the founder of The King's Company, an online ministry school. He has been able to teach thousands of believers on the areas of Mental & Spiritual Health, Identifying & Operating in Spiritual Gifts, and the stewardship of ministries such as deliverance, healing, prophetic, biblical teaching, and creative arts.

 Visit The King's Company here.