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Run Your Own Race! by Jeanny Rodriguez

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This book is a one of a kind gem. It’s a beautifully illustrated book that includes a journal, devotional, and Jeanny Rodriguez founder of the 12.1 Movement as your personal coach helping you experience breakthrough daily so you can live your life beyond any circumstance. Our goal is to get you inspired and motivated to “Run Your Own Race” and finish well.

No matter what lane you find yourself in life, you can live it with Love, Joy, Passion, and Determination!


Run Your Own Race! was inspired by author Jeanny Rodriguez's journey of beating cancer, the illness and death of her twin sister and her daughter, and several other challenging "race lanes." Jeanny’s energy and love for life is palpable as she shares how to "run well" with faith in Jesus Christ and daily moments of self-care, gratitude, generosity, and peace.